Dog walking services

Daily Dog Walking

It’s no secret that walking makes dogs happy! A good dog walk is exercise, a chance to explore and bonding time with his person or people. But with lengthy work days, tiring commutes and busy family life, a daily dog walk may seem impossible to get to on your “to-do” list. We understand, so let a professional dog walker help you!

We enjoy getting to know your dog and his routine! Let us know if he prefers a quiet walk, has a favorite route, or is keen on keeping it different each day! We happily cater to what he likes!

There are so many benefits to giving your dog a good walk each day. In addition to providing an outlet for a busy dog’s energy, a daily dog walk can help improve a dog’s behavior.

How…you ask? Well…having a daily dog walker stop by can help deal with separation anxiety and destructive behavior. A walk and social stimulation curbs boredom and breaks up the day for a pup with working people. Not bad, huh?

Call us today at (732) 933-0270 to set up a daily dog walking schedule for your beloved pooch!

Per visit: For up to two dogs: $24.00 / Add $3.00 for each additional dog.